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Sorry for the website being down there was a issue with the HOST

Here is a quote from the host email

You may or may not be aware that server Shared2 is currently offline. We are working as hard as we can towards a resolution of the problem. We had a dual spindle failure on the hard drives associated with Shared2. We are attempting to recover the journals manually and the process has been going on all day. With the way the recovery is going, it appears it is going to be a long recover that could span well into tomorrow. We wanted to reach out to your ahead of time and give you some options. We know that the majority of our clients keep local backup copies of their websites. If you have a local backup of your website and you would like to have your account re-created on a another server, we can recreate your account instantly, and you will have the ability to re-upload your website, to your new hosting account.