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Minor progress report on application development

There is a few new features that will be implemented in the next release.

These Features will be:

9patch for though who will be using the tool-set to make Custom Themes for there favorite  ROM as well as in case there was a problem with decompiling and a file was corrupted in the process you could uses the 9patch and fix the minor offset to any xx.9.png files as some rom may have not properly patched the xx.9.png files before compiling the roms which APK Tool is very sensitive.

Hopefully this next release I will have optipng fixed as when I updated the update has recursive option was removed so I will be reincorporating Recursive searching 

I am also working on doing a update to APKTOOL itself as some of the information is outdated as well as some of the libraries originally used to compile have been updated and need to be added to the source

and many other bug fixes.

as you see this next release will only have one new feature added as this next release will mostly be bug fixes to the current features