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APK Multi-Tool Windows Version 1.0.7 Released

Version 1.0.7

Updated to next minor build number
Updated Setup.bat Fixing Installing Framework-Res
Fixed Issue With 'apktool' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file."
Fixed Issue with Installing Framework-Res pointing to a incorrect folder that no longer exist
Fixed Issue when Running Installing Framework-Res scripts that the scripts will close after installing instead of going back to the menu.
Updated APKTOOL.JAR to 1.4.9
Added Custom AAPT that was built to work with JELLY BEAN
Fixed issues with setup
Made a few changes to the setup bat to fix alignment size and other misc issues
Fixed Spelling
Did some changes to see if I can fix the issue with The keep option to work with none system applications.
Trying to get batch optionmize to work
Replacing odt with a actual manual in html
Fixed Bug with KEEP Folder not exstracting for None System Applicaitons
Tweaked how the Signed and Unsigned files are compiled adding a small underscore between the recompiled file and the added prefix added by the scripts
Tweaked the option 11 for non system apks
I added the option to allow you to transfer the old key file over to the apk in case you did minor changes so be careful to test the APK files as some will need you to pick the unsigned option depending on how drastic the changes you made and forcing you to have to resign them
Renamed recompiled system files
Renamed the unsigned_ to signed_System_ since the system file changes the signature files are transfered since they are actually signed already instead of the misconception that has been going on for a while