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APK Multi-Tool 2 Now In the Works

After working on improving APK MULTI-Tools I came to the conclusion that the Current Application GUI AND API is Flawed.

I Have been working on rewriting APK Multi-Tools from the ground up again Removing the requirement of having the SDK installed and installed inside anymore.

As too many users could not understand that they needed to install it inside the official Android SDK or many users did not want to install this third party tool into the SDK out of fear that something might go wrong.

This New Approach changes the ball game of the application and also takes it to the next level as I am adding in many new features and fixing a mass amount of bugs in the application.


There is no ETA on when I will have the Finished product as Right now I am still working on the Design of the application GUI. 


I will continue to support the current APK Multi-tool and also make minor updates to it fixing any reported bugs while I work on it replacement but I will not be adding anymore new features to it as this new application will be completely different from what it is currently able to do.