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All Donations help with server cost and upkeep

apkmultigames.us is now live

I have been working on some side projects and been working on a browser based game called Raziel's Coke Lab it is kinda like cookie clicker and you can find the game over at http://apkmultigames.us/ and may other browser base games.


I may set up some android versions of the games if any of the games become popular.

you do not have to register to play the game so check out the website and feel free to play the games

Latest Lollpop support has been added to both the window and linux version

On the Windows 2.0 WIP branch I have added the latest patches and support for the Lollypop Android Versions.

On the Master branch of the Linux version I have also added support for Lollypop Android versions

in the download section you will see two different links to download the latest builds one is a AdF.ly link and a Normal Link.

Help support the website by using the ADF.ly links which every click will  help support the site with a small advertisement. to get the download just click on the SKIP AD button in the upper right corner which will appear after 5 seconds and to further help please have any ad blocker turned off on the website.

 I have not received any donations in over a year and i have noticed that on a average i am getting between 300-1000 downloads of my application daily and it is hard work and cost money to run a website and also I am unemployed because of a disability and have zero income right now as my disability case is still in limbo and working on a lawyer to get it. I have been unemployed for over a year now and my wife is working three jobs and we are getting behind in the bills and rent because i am unable to work so any support is welcome specially with a wife and 2 kids a 2 year old and a  year old.

For though who do not know

For though who do not know I have been on medical leave on short term disability which means my paychecks have been cut in half due to a spinal injury which I go seen the spinal surgeon august 6th. I been out on medical leave since the last week of may. On top of this my wife's mother passed away June 17th. She did not have life insurance so me and my wife have to pay out of pocket and some how have to come up with 4 grand plus car payment and utilities by the end of this month which two grand of this is so we can pay so we can claim her ashes. Plus I lost my other two jobs because I can't work or else I would not be worried but because my main job pay is only half of what it is normally and the income of the other two jibs are completely gone that leaves my wife's income which is only around 800-900a month I was bringing in around the same thing with all my jobs because my main job was where my health insurance came out which is 1200 a month for me my wife and son and my mother n law was paying 900 a month as well but now her passing away we are trying to disperly get by until I can go back to work. It would not so bad if we did not have to pay the 2 grand to pay for the funeral but because of that we are at a loss to what to do

APK Multi-Tools Version 1.0.11 NOW released


Version 1.0.11
Moved DEPENDENCY FILES to its own bat file which fixed issue with installing a DEPENDENCY would close the setup.bat
Updated to ApkTool v1.5.2
-Fixed (issue #299) - output smali filename errors to screen during rebuild instead of filestream
-Only show the --aapt / -a info in verbose mode.
-Fixed (issue #392) - Don't crash out if .git folder isn't present. Use SNAPSHOT-DEV instead.
-Fixed (issue #67) - Only store compressed resources.arsc if original was compressed, otherwise STORE.
-Moved build.gradle files to each sub-project, more organization :)
-Fixed (issue #394) - Prevented duplicated files in final jar which saved around 1.2mb.
-Added Proguard to drop final jar size from 6.2mb to 2.6mb.
-Fixed (issue #395) - Added check for "aapt" in unit-tests.
-Added ability to use "--frame-path" on [if|install-framework]
-Fixed renaming of ".r.9.png" images -> ".9.png".
-Added ability to use --version to print out Apktool version
Fixed Compiler Issues Hopefully when recompiling
Hopefully fixed a bug introduced into the application which would cause keep folder items not being copied over after removing changed files causing corrupted apk files
Updated Custom Build of AAPT for MIUI SUPPORT
Fixed Issue #10 Decompilation fails when resource processing begins
Removed unneeded ping request
Fixed Bug with Viewing the LOGS for the SETUP.BAT
Added the ability to pull Dependencies directly from your phone to use to install using the setup scripts
Fixed bug with Theme porter not functioning  
Cosmetic changes to the source.

APK Multi-Tools Version 1.0.10 released in OCT sorry for the delay announcement


Version 1.0.10
Rewriten how ADB is detected and used in the script
Minor Changes to the SETUP.BAT Fixing MISC Issues
Fixed ADB PUSH for SYSTEM Files as it was pointed at the wrong files
Minor Tweaks to zipalign
Updated apktool.jar to v1.5.0 (Released September 2 - 2012 ) Codename : Pikmin
* Fix for colours being decompiled with improper hex colours
* Fix for <string-array> being treated as array on occasion
* Support for Mac OS X user:home, instead of dumping frames into /home
* Updated internal framework.jar to API16
* Added <user-sdk> reading to insert into apktool.yml to help with aapt building
* Added --verbose mode to output contents of AAPT (note this is a HUGE output). Only used for debugging.
* Ignore bootclasspath on debug mode. (Causes some classes in smali to be fail decompile)
Updated AAPT to the latest Custom Build
Fixed Decompiler Switch to Actually work
Fixed Compiler script Errors
Replaced The OLD MANUEL HTML File with a Actual Help Doctument 
Updated the README
Added Raw Mode to the Decompiler Switch

APK Multi-Tools Version 1.0.9 Now Released


Version 1.0.9
Fixed the broken Option menu list
Fixed the broken Complier scripts for system Files
Fixed the broken Complier scripts for non system Files
Added the ability to create Signed None System APK files with both the keep folder option and to bypass the keep folder
Added the Option to create unsigned APK Files with out using the keep folder